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Guide to Learning Module Dashboard

In general, you have been given access to all "open" learning modules at the time of your registration.  You also will have new open modules added as they are released. 

  •       You can use the menu on the left  sidebar  to see all your learning modules under the dropdown menu. “My modules."  If on a mobile device, you may need to click on the  teal  menu  button at the top  left to reveal the left sidebar menus.
  •       Any modules you've visited recently will now be shown in the carousel below for your convenience.
  •       To see ALL available module categories and modules, click on Course Categories below.
  •       If there are modules of interest to not listed in your  Dashboard page, please send an email to to request access. 
  •       To return to the VMA Homepage, please use the "Home Portal Menu" on the top bar.  
  •       Use "Global Search" on the left sidebar to find any content on site.
  •       Search the Vet-Library on VMA e-text database on the left sidebar; request others by visiting the module.
  •       Search Merck Veterinary Manual’s site via the link on the left side-bar.
  •       Please sign out under the dropdown menu shown next to your name at the top right by clicking on the top right profile menu next to your name



Top Menu Bar



Left Menu Bar

Still have questions? See the VMA Help Manual or email