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Please note:  All fields with a red triangle are absolutely required before registration can be completed.  In addition, we request that you provide all other fields including “City/Town” and “Country”.

1.  Username and Password:  lower case only allowed. You may use your email address if you prefer. Be sure to follow the stated directions about suitable passwords.
2. Email address: Your email address will need to successfully receive communications from the learning site, including future requests you might make for a password re-set.  Therefore, be sure to make sure that your email spam filters permits any email from the domain

3. First Name and Surname (Last Name): Used for communications from VetMedAcademy’s administrators about your account or any learning module (course) communications.

4. City/town and Country:  Please provide this information as it helps us the geographical distribution of our members.

Member Credentials – these fields are carefully reviewed by VetMedAcademy staff to assess suitability for a free account.


5. Member Type: You must choose one type. This information aids communication to subsets of the VetMedAcademy community.   If you choose "Student," you must choose a Student Subcategory and not leave the default choice of "None."  “Faculty” would be any instructor in an academic setting.  “House Officer” would apply to veterinarian in clinical training regardless of setting.  “Graduate veterinarian, not faculty” would apply to any veterinarian in a non-academic setting.  Anyone choosing "Other," should explain their role in veterinary medicine and/or animal health in the open text box "Additional Information about Member" at the end. 

6. First and Second Academic Degree fields:  These should be a degree you already have completed. "First Academic Degree" should be your highest degree. If you do not hold a second degree, you can leave the default choice of "None."

7. University Affiliation and Graduation Year: If a Student, this should be the university you are currently attending, and the Graduation Year should be your anticipated graduation year. If a Faculty or House Officer, please list the academic institution where you are currently employed. Others employed outside of an academic setting, should list the university from which they received their highest degree. If not a student, Graduation Year should be the year when you received your highest degree.

8. Open Text Fields: “Specialties (if any)”:  This is not a required field. Please list any specialties you may have, noting board certification statusIf you have any special interests, you should also list them here. This information helps VetMedAcademy identify and communicate with potential content experts.

“Additional Information About Member”: Please use this field to add any pertinent information about your role in veterinary medicine and/or animal health.

 Also, if you have chosen “Other” as a member category, please explain that choice here.




What Happens After Your Application

Following completion of your registration, a VetMedAcademy account administrator will review your information, and then, if approved, you will receive an email notice (the reason that you should have ensured that the mail does not end up in your spam box), or, in rare case if you have followed these directions,  you will receive an email with specific questions about your application.  This email will come from the email address so please set your spam filters to allow email from


Newsletter/Blog Subscriptions

We also encourage you to subscribe to Mailchimp newsletters (General Newsletter, Student Newsletter, Faculty Newsletter) and the Evidence-Based Education blog by setting your email communication preferences at the following link, also found within the learning dashboard page and main menu.


Subscription Page  


You can adjust your subscription preferences via the above linked page at any time. Please note that unsubscribing from the “VetMedAcademy” general email list will unsubscribe you from all of the newsletters and not just one.